You are proactive with your health right?  You exercise, you eat healthy and avoid the obviously bad things like smoking and drugs.  But you still have that little voice in the back of your head saying "Am I really healthy?  How do I know?  I haven't been to the doctor or had a physical in a long time, but then again the doctor either says I'm fine when I feel like crap or says I need to take the newest medication when I feel great."  I feel like going to the doctor is a waste of time unless I'm really sick.  I'm not sick (at least I don't think so) but I do want to be proactive and live a long healthy life. . . I don't want to be one of those "healthy" people that drop dead or find out they have cancer after it's too late.

 I have good news for you on multiple levels.  First of all, you can be proactive with your health and know if you are performing optimally or barely scraping along without invasive tests or scare tactics.  Secondly if you feel bad or not quite up to par there is always a reason and finally it is rarely "too late" to find out health news whether it is cancer or some other disease.  I know firsthand there are always alternative answers and options even when the medical field claims there are no options.

Test. . . don't guess!  Right about now you are thinking "That's it?  That's all you got?  Tests?  My doctor runs tests and I never even know or understand the results.  When I ask them about my results they always say everything is fine or the test came back negative.  Why would I even want to run tests?  Because the right tests coupled with the right interpretation equals real improvements.

Unfortunately the medical world is controlled by the insurance companies dictating what tests they can and can't run.  What qualifications does an insurance underwriter have to tell your doctor what tests they can run?  NONE.  That is why you as an intelligent adult need to seek out a qualified health practitioner to choose the appropriate functional labs, run them and (get ready this is the big one) follow the plan your practitioner sets out for you. 

Call me crazy, but this just makes so much sense I am amazed why more people don't do this.  Why would you not want to take your health into your own hands and be in control of your future?  Ok, ok I can already hear the excuse wheels grinding so let's address them right up front. 

Excuse #1:  I can't afford it!  We afford what we want to afford.  You can get started for as little as $120.  Our initial consultation reviews your health history, includes the 12 site BioSignature check, a wealth of health tips and lab review of your existing labs.  You can decide if you want to go further with functional labs from there.  We want better health to be attainable and affordable.  You just have to decide you are worth it and spend the money 

Excuse #2:  I don't have time!  Really?  1 spare hours is all it takes to get started and get your in depth review done.   

Excuse #3:  I'm scared, I don't really want to know if I have something wrong with me and/or I don't think I can drastically change my eating or lifestyle habits.  Never be scared of information.  Even if something is dramatically wrong, there are always answers.  It is better to know and face it head on then to not know and let the problem fester.  Remember problems are not like wine they do not get better with time.  It is much easier to make eating or lifestyle changes when you understand why they need to be made and the benefits they will bring.

Test don't guess and take control of your health!

BioSignature & Lab testing are just 1 piece of the puzzle. Actually understanding your results and knowing what to do with them are the missing pieces to the puzzle.

Our goal is for you to UNDERSTAND your hormonal profile and lab results and educate you how to use the information.

Get started with these three easy steps:


Tell us about yourself by filling out a client intake form (click here for form)
Start at the beginning and don't leave anything out.  We are health detectives and your life events are clues as to your current health status.
Be sure to email us existing labs or bloodwork results if you have any. 



Purchase a consult: we will contact you to set up a time and date that works for you.  (Check out our money saving packages)  

Type of Session




Attend your session ready to learn.  Don't exercise the day of your consult.  Be sure to bring or wear gym attire: shorts and ladies will need a sports bra or tank top for the 12 site measurement.  You will also want to bring a notepad and pen as you will be learning lots of new info and getting homework.